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About Our Farm

Forest Flower Farm was started by a group of individuals dedicated to craft. Thankfully we were blessed with a stunning plot of land deep in the forests of Whidbey Island, about 45 minutes north of Seattle.

All Forest hemp babies were hand planted into this incredibly unique environment. Thousands of years of decomposed organics built up a rich medium of virgin forest soil, providing our flowers with an abundance of supreme micro nutrients.

Our Mission at Forest Flower Farms is to provide craft hemp flower that is grown with intention, sustainability, and passion.

Our Farmers are very fortunate to be the stewards of this virgin soil from the forest floor. We respect + nurture our plants as if they were our children, and the forest were our home.

Our Promise is to provide our customers with top shelf quality at the right price from a source they can depend on. We cut absolutely no corners while producing our stellar selection of flowers.

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